Story of the Gateway

Station Mark 1

I am really thrilled about being able to bring to the local area my Analogue Simplex Gateway.

Many years ago I used to operate a Gateway station from my old QTH in Somerset.

15 Years later, A lots changed.

Station Mark 2 

This was sadly a case of desperation turned out after 15+ years in storage my IC-706 had fallen rather Ill. Although it all seemed ok, Turns out the FM stage was massively faulty and doing all sorts of nasty things. So a rummage in the draws to see what else I had turned up my Wouxun KG-UV6D Handheld after some Googling I came across inspiration in the form a YouTube Video by KC3KPC 

Baofeng UV-5R Mod for Allstar & IRLP Nodes (Ham Radio) - Have a watch!

My modification varied a little from his design, I actually tapped into the Green LED (Receive LED) signal and am using that as my COS line.

I repurposed the SignaLink USB interface box and fingers crossed. It worked!

 Station Mark 3

For the Audio path - Well Mark 1 and 2 of MB7ISC was overkill and I had used a SignaLink USB interface box (initially purchased for my IC-706 which sadly has died). However with Mark 3 of MB7ISC now that I'd made the decision to use AllStarLink instead of OpenRepeater I needed to improve my soldering skills and take a different approach. 

This time I went for the method recommended on the AllStarLink Website and modified a CM108 Soundcard Dongle. I'd forgotten how fiddly working with surface mount components was!

Station Mark 4

So now I had a successful, operational gateway. But like all true geeks, I never leave things alone when I should…. Afterall Technology is meant to be played with.

Changing Radio – The Wouxun was working well, however my father dug out his old Alinco DR-610 which he no longer used and he wondered if it would be of any use to me.

Back to Google we go........