My Station

Packet Radio used to be my main interest, But sadly in my area that all seems to gave gone the day of the Dodo bird either through Regulation, Complex NoV requirments or just because people left.

So that left me trying to work out what to do, I'm blessed with a very kind, supportave and understanding wife.

However even with her full support its fair to say the neighbours and our local council would have a fit if I wanted to put up a tower, HF, VHF, UHF antennas etc.

So what to do when Antenna's are extremly restricted - as is output power (theres a lot of kit in and arround our home that really doesn't like 100W RF)

Old Faithfull

My much loved Icom IC-706 Mk II G.

For almost all my Amateur Radio life this radio has been the one that has done everything for me. However sadly with Antenna and RF output restrictions plus a few age related issues. It's no longer the best way forward for me.

My Wonderful Wife

I'm so lucky to have a truly fantastic, encouraging and supportave Wife.

She's behind me 110% in all my mad adventures and ideas.

The New Generation

So I found DMR!

Wow what a game changer!

I can work the world from the comfort of my desk with a handheld radio! Fantastic!

So here I am DMR ID 2349013 using an Inrico T320 Network Radio and a DVSwitch Server.

I almost always on FreeSTAR SystemX TG23426 and I am really enjoying being able to reach fellow Radio Operators in countries I never thourght I would get a QSO with.