Story of the Gateway

 Station Mark 5

We all know the dangers – Once you start rummaging in the shack. You find all sorts.

Well that happened to me!! Or rather my Father GM0WUP – Along with the DR-610 he came across a DR-M06 and had the bright idea to suggest I add a 6m port to the gateway.

Having just installed the DR-610 I didn't see any issues....... Or So i assumed.


Station Mark 6

Wow Mark 6 and it’s only been just about four weeks since I build Mark 1!, This time metal cabinet was sourced in order to house all this equipment in a nice way that would do the job whilst keeping all the equipment safe.

But I noticed the Wouxun that I’d used for Mark 2 was looking lonely on my desk…. It’s a Dual Band 2m and 4m. Why not build it back in, After all I already have a CM108 modified for it, the appropriate cables made and I’d modified it to give the COS output.

Back to the ETCC I go….


Station Mark 7

We actually made it! I'm stunned by the amount of support i've had with getting this gateway off the ground.

We Did It!……. 13th October 2021 Here we are MB7ISC Mark 7.

The Greatest iteration of the Analogue Simplex Gateway in Stirling, IO86AC So far!. Now Quad Band 2m, 4m, 6m and Newly 70cm's!


The Motivations to Improve

I have been so fortunate to have the support of an amazing group of people at FreeSTAR, my ever encouraging wife Helen & my Parents in the building of the Gateways so far.

But I also want to give a shout out to some of the others....