Station Mark 6

Wow Mark 6 and it’s only been just about four weeks since I build Mark 1!, This time metal cabinet was sourced in order to house all this equipment in a nice way that would do the job whilst keeping all the equipment safe.

But I noticed the Wouxun that I’d used for Mark 2 was looking lonely on my desk…. It’s a Dual Band 2m and 4m. Why not build it back in, After all I already have a CM108 modified for it, the appropriate cables made and I’d modified it to give the COS output.

Back to the ETCC I go….


Having applied for multiple NoV's at this point I'm actually starting to get quite quick doing applications on the ukrepeaters site.

So NoV Application for 4m Gateway – Obviously it’s Attended Ops only but I can work with that.

So the biggest build to date got started and took about 5 full days to build it all into it’s new home, Antennas installed into my Roof space. A total of 4 Raspberry Pi’s installed, One for each radio port and one as a Master Controller.

The Emergency Shutdown & Remote Kill system also got upgraded this time using an Arduino Mega & Arduino Yun Shield and a nice Nextion Display panel to give me a nice front panel Status Display for all the equipment inside the cabinet.


So there we have it, the quick story of my gateway (So Far).

Now online and Active on;

  • 145.2875MHz - CTCSS 103.5
  • 50.5400MHz – CTCSS 103.5
  • 70.3875MHz – CTCSS 103.5
  • Echolink Node Number 459689
  • AllStar Node number 552480

A Big thank you must be given to the following, without their assistance, support and guidance this Gateway would not exist.

  • Steve at RSGB ETCC for helping me through all the NoV applications.
  • Oscar 2E1HWE & Bruce M0UKB for reaching out and getting me to join FreeSTAR
  • Shane M0VUB For answering my questions about DMR and System X
  • William GM0WUP (aka Dad) for the Alinco Radios & the not insignificant financial backing to get this running.
  • My Wife (Helen) who if it wasn’t for her support and encouragement getting me to develop my skills and ideas. I wouldn’t do a fraction of the things I do.