Station Mark 7

We actually made it! I'm stunned by the amount of support i've had with getting this gateway off the ground.

We Did It!……. 13th October 2021 Here we are MB7ISC Mark 7.

The Greatest iteration of the Analogue Simplex Gateway in Stirling, IO86AC So far!. Now Quad Band 2m, 4m, 6m and Newly 70cm's!



So I'm here with a massive smile on my face and the wonderful Mark 7 Gateway.


So what have we done. Well we added the 4th RF port for the gateway, Operating on the 70cm's Amateur Band on 430.025Mhz

I've also made some changes on the computing side of the gateway. I've added a few more Raspberry Pi units and reconfigured some of the existing.

Basically to give me more flexability, control but also to ensure the RF ports have dedicated hardware.

The Pi's are now configured as;

Pi1) Master Controller and Hub for all the Connections on site and is the uplink Node to the FreeSTAR Network

Pi2) 4M RF Port

Pi3) 2M RF Port

Pi4) 6M RF Port

Pi5) Digital Services - Has our DVSwitch Bridge to FreeSTAR System-X DMR, Our Echolink Node MB7ISC-L, The HamShack Hotline Connection and our own VoIP IAX Link.

Pi6) 70CM's RF Port

So there we have it. That's the Gateway. The Cabinet is now full to bursting!

  • 145.2875MHz - CTCSS 103.5
  • 50.5400MHz – CTCSS 103.5
  • 70.3875MHz – CTCSS 103.5
  • 430.025MHz - CTCSS 103.5
  • Echolink Node Number 459689
  • AllStar Node number 552480
  • HamShack Hotline 94099